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Decades of Success Attracting and Retaining Talent

We’re passionate about attracting and retaining the best talent. At Crestline Summit, our collaborative culture and vigorous investment approach leverage the skill sets, ambitions, experience and varied backgrounds each of our talented teammates brings to the firm.

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We regard a vibrant, collaborative team as essential to our success. Therefore, identifying, attracting, and retaining talent has long been a critical focus for us.

Our management team has worked together as a cohesive unit for many years, ensuring a continuity of leadership. From the top, they’ve built a partnership culture that grooms our teammates for more responsibility and builds their knowledge in ways that advance their careers.

What we believe:
  • Culture: We believe in collaboration and partnership. Your voice matters.
  • Resourcing: We provision our teammates with the necessary resources for long-term success.
  • Independence: We empower our portfolio manager teams with the ability to run their own business independently regardless of how they engage with Crestline Summit.
  • Flexibility: We are flexible in our approach but exacting in our execution.
  • Geography: Employees have flexibility in where they work; Fort Worth and New York are important hubs, but we have empowered portfolio management teams to work where they wish.

Providing Portfolio Managers the Support to Succeed and Grow

Crestline’s collaborative culture engenders open communication and provides growth opportunities for portfolio managers on our platform, while our infrastructure lets them focus on alpha generation.

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Benefits for Portfolio Managers
  • Our teammates are essential to our success. As a Summit portfolio manager, you will be valued, empowered, heard, and respected.
  • Portfolio managers benefit from our providing a suite of tools of the trade, as well as our proprietary, multi-factor portfolio construction and risk management framework.
  • Our working environment fosters a culture of learning and growth.
  • Portfolio managers appreciate the partnership, integrity, and continuity of our leadership.