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A Culture of Collaboration and Flexibility Lets Our Portfolio Managers Thrive

At Crestline Summit, we prioritize giving our portfolio managers the right tools and environment to succeed at their jobs and grow their careers.

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Learning About Our Portfolio Managers

We pride ourselves by getting to know of each of our portfolio managers as people, as well as gaining a thorough understanding of return and risk drivers and the way a portfolio manager thinks about them in a portfolio context.

The Upside for Strong Performance

Our job is to guide our colleagues to that intersection where the best expression of their unique gifts, talents, and needs meets the best outcomes for our firm. As we grow, the demand for innovation, development, and expertise also expands. This can mean more capital for the portfolio manager to manage or a pivot over to leading a particular industry or strategy group, or training in a new area. Your future matters.

Tools of the Trade

We offer our portfolio managers a suite of risk, trading, attribution, and portfolio management tools. While many of these resources are proprietary in nature, we vet others in a robust process that ensures portfolio managers can focus on what matters – generating alpha – without manual distractions or suboptimal systems. In addition, our collaborative culture encourages active engagement among portfolio managers and team members. We get better together.

Why Our Portfolio Managers Stay

Our success as a business and as a group of team members is intrinsically connected. One success begets the next. Crestline Summit proudly enjoys a unique culture of collaboration and partnership. We’ve built an environment where people look forward to working, and where they join for opportunity but stay long term for both opportunity and culture.

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